how do turn a girl on? any tips? does it feel bad for a girl when I finger her while she is on her period? does it hurt or is it just uncomfortable? marry christmas!

Sorry for the late reply, and Merry Christmas to you as well! In order to turn a girl on, you must give lots of foreplay. Tease her and make her want it. I love it when guys grab my boobs and play with them and suck/lick them, that probably turns me on the most. 

It depends whether or not it feels bad for a girl who is being fingered on her period. Some do get really sensitive and some says it feels even better. So check out your girl.


Anonymous said: (female) mt boyfirend and i have been together for about 5 months, and we've been intimate (not sex though) and he really sucks at fingering me! and i'm talking REALLY sucks, i dont orgasm and i dont find it pleasureable, i've tried explaining it to him, asking him, moving his hand, but he doesnt seem to get it. how do i make sure I'M satisfied too? instead of just him?

you need to take control and SHOW him what you want. just moving his hands won’t work - show him how you do it!

~nicole :)

Anonymous said: how to turn on girls and make them have sex with you?

do you mean right before having sex? if so, first create the mood. you can do this by dimming the lights and putting on some soft music. if your girl is experimental, blindfold her and tell her you’re going to explore her body. after she is relaxed, slide down and slowly start to lick her clitoris. do this for about 10 minutes and then you can insert your finger into her vagina. lick her clitoris and finger her vagina softly at the same time. make sure she is moving around on your mouth before you insert your fingers though.

If you want some more subtle ways to turn her on…

When a women needs to put her coat on, hold it up for her. If her hair is caught under the coat, gently brush the back of her neck with your hand as you move her hair from under the coat.

Her Back

Massage the muscles between her shoulder blades and spine. As you move lower on the back her nerves become more sensitive. During sex you can even take a back-rub break to delay ejaculation.

Back of Her Knees
Once your woman is aroused trace your fingers down the thigh and calf and gently graze the back of her knee with your finger tips.

Pay particular attention to the erogenous tissue at the top and underside of her breasts. Your touch should be so soft as to barely indent the skin. Build some tension in these areas before you touch the nipple.

Underneath the wrist is very sensitive to touch and heat. This area responds best to the lightest of touches.

When seated instead of the old hand holding spice it up. Run your finger every so lightly down her fingers to her palm. Start with her finger tips.

The Kiss
Softly kiss and tug on her upper lip. She will want to kiss you badly, but try and tease her a bit.

Brush your lips between her throat and chin. Also the sides of the neck are very sensitive. Lightly brush your lips up to her earlobes.

The ears offer two forms of arousal: physical and mental. Graze the rims of her ears with your lips. Then escalate to some soft tongue grazing.

Massage the area of her face above the eyebrows. These will help her relax after a long day of work. Most girls love gentle kisses to the forehead as well.

~nicole :)

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