Anonymous said: Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year and we have sex a lot. He wants to record us having sex and I keep telling him maybe maybe maybe but I don't really know if I should or not. He said we can use my phone and delete it after but I still don't really know. And suggestions?

if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. you can always keep your face out of the video, just in case.


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Anonymous said: I love the smell of my boyfriend's dick & his cum. Is that weird?

no. i have liked the smell of some of my past partner’s dick/cum before!


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Anonymous said: I pulled a prank on my boyfriend and now he's all mad and ignoring me, like what the fuck is wrong with you its my time of the month not yours. Omg. I'm actually so annoyed with him. He's been boring and acting weird lately. What could be wrong?? -_-

sorry but this is a sex blog. i can’t deal with relationships unfortunately


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Okay so I work with a milf she is always touching me and flirty and I like it. I asked her out the other  day she said that she only can see me for a few hours because of her hudsband. Anyway we never made it out of my truck. She sucked me so good felt like I was getting pussy but I was getting mad dome lol we lost track of time 2 hours later he calls and wanted to know where shes at and she told him she was with me getting getting fuck in my truck and the mest up part was that I was in side her when she picked up the phone. I couldn’t help my self I got mad because she was on phone I threw the phone out of her hand pined her down I slapped her good wrapped my arms around her head holding her body close I started long hard plopping thrust making heer moan I started to fuck go harder and faster listening to her voice was so sexy she was loud calling my name she said she had the best time and she felt a little something for me. Now her husband wants me to come home with her so we both can fuck. I said hell no. So we been having mad car sex and we fucked at work in my office. I fucked her the hole time standing up. She in love me now and it was awesome yeaa feelin like a king today. Yup lol 

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Anonymous said: i dont know how to feel my boyfriend what do i do?

uhh… what the fuck just grab his dick


ive been with my boyfriend for over a year. im 16 hes 18. about 3 months into our relationship we started having sex. it was great but then we had sex without a condom. he pulled out early and we were completely fine..but then he got into his mind that we couldve gotten pregnant. i took the morning after pill, but it really effected him. we havent had sex since. he refuses to touch me at all because everytime he does it makes me want to have sex and he knows that. its a very sensitive subject for him and will rarely be open to talk about it. i love him with all of my heart, but i want to give him that part of me again. one of my male friends started giving me some attention in that way. i would never cheat on him, but i didnt exactly tell him to ‘stop’. since then i have been honest with my boyfriend and told him about the other guy and he was crushed. he has started being more open about having sex again but i feel like its only because other guys were wanting to and i wasnt pushing them away. i dont want us to have sex and him resent me because he wasnt ready. what do i do!?!?

Well, sex is not good if only one person wants it; it needs to be a mutual kind of thing. And I don’t know where you live but here it’s illegal to have sex with someone over 18 if you’re a minor. Anyway, when the time is right, he will want to have sex with you again. Or you could just seduce him. And trying going to third base or something and slowly getting closer and closer towards sex.


k well i have a bug insecurity ,and its my stretch marks, im only 15 and i feel insecure about it i look in the mirror and i cant notice it sometimes but other times i can and i just hate it and whenever im changing i feel like everyone is just staring at me ,because most girls i know ,pretty much all girls i know dont have them and  i feel like im so young to have them and im really active to and i wanna know ,is there a way for them to go away?

Confidence is key. You can attract people by having a high self confidence level, but not to the point where it’s arrogance. Keep your posture straight and they should go away.


i have sex about a month with a guy. it was sex in the first date, i just wanted to fuck him. the true is it was the first time i talk to him and the first time we hang out…But i really really like the sex, it was perfect, we fucked so wild, but at the end he wanted me in his shoulder and i get a WTF face, yes i slept a few minutes in his shoulder then we turn around !! i just fuck and then sleep with any skin contact you know?  for me was wired slept with skin contact!! ..i have done this like 10 time before and i cant take him away from my mind!!. then days before sex he came to my house for something fast.. he told me i was so sexy, he kiss me and play with my butt. then he goes

he is a player,  im sick of games and i just fuck when i want, do i need play for more sex??. he dont talk to me much like he does after sex. if i need to play, what kind of thing i need to do for take him crazy??

tell me your point of view boy! 

Not sure what you are trying to ask, but the no contact rule works 50/50 chance in this case.


My boyfriend recently moved to Florida so we can’t pleasure each other. I’ve sent him pictures but I feel like because it’s usually alway the same thing that he gets bored of them. Can you help me? I need to know what kind of positions an what not that I can take pictures in?

The secret to a great long-distance relationship is great sex. That means tech sex.

Hand + phone = good sex, at least theoretically. You can have a pretty decent sex life with someone even if you live halfway around the world. A relationship can’t thrive forever on long-distance sex, but it can go a long way in between real visits. The hardest part sometimes is beginning. It can feel a little intimidating getting started, but it is very rewarding, so stick with it. Sometimes long-distance sex is even more awesome because you take risks and let yourself go in a way that you might not when you are together face-to-face.

Instant Messaging

  • Good way to dip your toe in the pool, but lacks the immediacy of verbal/audio communication.

Cell Phone

  • Debby Herbenick, blogger at has a great article on how to have great phone sex
  • Send photos. You can send a progression of pics in real time as you get aroused, and of course they can be viewed again later when you’re not in touch.
  • Dirty texting. Always fun, especially at times when it’s not safe! This is a great way to build anticipation for later.
  • Vibrator. There’s a new iphone app from that turns the iphone into a vibrator. The vibrations are not very strong, but the developers’ intent is that you’ll use it slyly while on the subway, in line at Starbucks, etc.

Skype Sex

  • This is the biggie, as far as I’m concerned. Talk dirty face to face. Use the webcam and your imagination to turn your partner (and yourself) on.

Synching Up Porn

  • You can find porn that is relationship-oriented, appealing to both men and women. Watch it on your laptops at the same time while on your cell phones.

Internet Sex Toys

  • Sounds like the technology has a way to go here, but there are devices that communicate through software online.
  • The most popular combination is the Interactive Fleshlight for him and the Sinulator (rabbit vibrator) for her. When he manipulates the Fleshlight, she feels it in her vibrator. It currently requires interacting with a goofy dashboard on your computer, but the whole field of teledildonics (ridiculous word, I know) is growing rapidly.


So today i basically put my whole fist in my vagina. It feels really good at the time but then after my “G” spot becomes really tingly but im not horny and it starts to hurt a little. Is this wired? I am doing something wrong? ( im a virgin) 

it might have started hurting a little because you put your entire fist in your vagina…………………? 


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