Anonymous said: What's 1st base 2ed base 3rd&4th base ?

it’s different for everyone, but this is how i think of it

1st: making out/touching/etc clothes on
2nd: hj/fingering
3rd: oral sex
4th: sexual intercourse

~nicole :) 

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Anonymous said: Me and my boyfriend have been together for over a year and we have sex a lot. He wants to record us having sex and I keep telling him maybe maybe maybe but I don't really know if I should or not. He said we can use my phone and delete it after but I still don't really know. And suggestions?

if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. you can always keep your face out of the video, just in case.


Anonymous said: i am male ,46 years



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Anonymous said: I love the smell of my boyfriend's dick & his cum. Is that weird?

no. i have liked the smell of some of my past partner’s dick/cum before!


Anonymous said: I want to have sex but I'm scared that even if I use a condom I'll get pregnant. I've heard of condoms breaking and slipping off.

well, i’ve been having sex for years in my life and a condom has only broken once out of the 1000000 times i had sex. and i took plan B after that! if anything, you can go on birth control.


Anonymous said: I pulled a prank on my boyfriend and now he's all mad and ignoring me, like what the fuck is wrong with you its my time of the month not yours. Omg. I'm actually so annoyed with him. He's been boring and acting weird lately. What could be wrong?? -_-

sorry but this is a sex blog. i can’t deal with relationships unfortunately


Anonymous said: Are you guys like never on anymore? what happened to the posts? To the submissions? guys?

sorry, we’ve been getting really busy!

~nicole :)

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Anonymous said: What does the average penis (as far as you know) generally look like?

watch porn… :)


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Anonymous said: So me and my boyfriend had anal sex for the first time and i had never done it before. So is it normal for me too bleed a little?

well i’ve never bled during anal sex. you probably went too fast. next time, take it slower and use tons of lubrication and let him finger your butthole for a while!


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Anonymous said: Okay. Don't judge me cause I'm to sound stuck up and such but eh. So, I'm like that typical gorgeous blonde, and I have really toned body from running and swimming and soccer and tennis and surfing. I'm happy with everything...but my boobs/nipples. I have really weird nipples, like I guess you could say they're half inverted and it makes me really uncomfortable with guys. I never let them take off my bra or anything and eh. Help me please :(

be comfortable and confident with your body and boys will love your confidence


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