Anonymous said: What's the best way for a man's masturbation?

The Fist, Best and Easiest Way- It is usually done when you are lying down and your erect penis is resting against your stomach. Then you simply reach down with one hand, wrap your fingers around your penis much like you’re making a fist and rub or slide your hand up and down the length of your penis.


Is There Any Natural Ways To Enhance Your Penis Size ?:/I’m A Bit Small, I’m Only 5 1/2 Inches Hard& About 3 Normal
try these exercises, these are simple stretches, that help with length and girth


I’m 15, but i’ve been fingered quite a few times & do bj’s like 3 times, the basics (i suppose) but I have a boyfriend now & he’s fingered me, but i also want to get eaten down there.. should i tell him openly through a conversation or tell him instantly at foreplay ?

demand during foreplay…. so hot


Urgent. So, my boyfriend goes down on me and all…but i feel bad for not reciprocating.. BUT im unsure if he’d even be into recieving a bj? Do all guys like getting a blow job? and if you think so, how do i go about it without actually asking if he wants one. -.-

definitely i love it when girls give me bjs but wait maybe not all guys are like that. you just give him a handjob and just be like damn its kinda dry or something start spitting (lots of saliva = good) and then start sucking

- jeff

Anonymous said: So, I'm a male, i'm 19 and I just cant get an erection. No matter what I do it wont work. i still get horney but i just can't get hard and it is the most embarrassing thing I could imagine and I don't know why. I've tried almost everything, what can I do to fix this?

Are you on meds? even like painkillers and cough syrup can affect erections. do you have any health issues like diabetes, depression etc that can affect it also? don’t drink coffee or smoke before sex either. or maybe it’s a psychological issue like you’re stressed/anxious/guilty. or simply it might be performance anxiety (you’re just really nervous. relax!). stop masturbating for awhile so you get super super horny.


ps: can you get an erection when you’re masturbating alone?

pps: viagra? it only helps you get your penis to stay erect once it is though

Anonymous said: im 15 and ive done pretty much everything but not sex i want to do it so bad i dont know why and my boy bestfriend wants to loose it with me i dont know what to do ?

if you want to lose it to him then go right ahead -jeff

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Anonymous said: I'm a girl and I've thought a lot lately about myself. I've only had 2 boyfriends and they were from the two years I studied abroad in London and before I came home in June, I lost my virginity to the most current ex. The guys I'm surrounded by, my best friends, tell me that the guys here at home are just intimidated because I'm too smart, or too independent. I had no problem over seas with boys but here, I can't catch a break. Are guys here expecting something different or something?

boys are boys. we all want one thing (well a few but sex being one of them). it’s possible that someone is intimated by your experiences but that shouldn’t stop you from being who are you and showing your accomplishments. they’ll come around


Anonymous said: What are guys' favorite positions?

I can’t really think of a sex position that i don’t love!


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Anonymous said: i am a female, how do i get someone to give me head ? baring in my mind it almost seems obligatory for the female to give male head without anything in return. its unfair

demand it seductively or while he’s touching you put your vagina right in front of him or push his head down roughly very sexy. some guys just don’t give head though so beware -jeff

Anonymous said: Do guys mind if i have strech marks? both on my hips and my boobs?`

we care more about your personality and face don’t worry about it -jeff

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