Anonymous said: I love love love love giving blow jobs. Is that bad?

uh no i love girls like that


Anonymous said: is it normal to masturbate like 2 times a day ? -teen guurl c;

i masturbate 8-9 times a day get on my level


Anonymous said: Is it okay to have sex when you're on your period without a condom?

if the guy is ok with it. i wouldn’t be ok with blood all over my dick…


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Anonymous said: i dont know how to feel my boyfriend what do i do?

uhh… what the fuck just grab his dick


Anonymous said: Hi there! What's the best way to pleasure my man in the shower? either through positions or sneaky tactics, just some tips and tricks!

what else can you do? blow him


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Lasting long in sex

I’m an incoming junior in High School and I’m still a virgin.
When I have sex, how long should a guy like me last?
I masturbate like a few times a week and I usually ejaculate in abour 1-3 mins.
Any help? 

that’s pretty fast (but normal) for a dude lol you’ll learn how to last longer in bed when you start having sex. probably not long though


Sorry but this is a serious question!

So I see a few GIFs of a porn video.

Do you guys know who the guy is in it?

sorry man, i don’t know


My boyfriend and i have been going out for a year and he has always done stuff to me finger me and eat me but i want to give him a bj and handjob but im clueless i need help

don’t be afraid dawg we love any stimulation on our dick, as long as you’re not hittin it. well you can start with a hj and work on it to make hj+bj at the same time then just bj. make sure you use lots of saliva and look at him in the eye when you do it. that turns me on so fuckin much. jsut be a dirty slut and make sure he can see the saliva thats the hottest thing ever. and your tongue lick it all over and go fast and deep and suck it like you’re tryna give him a hickey on his dick


what’s with all this thinspo bullshit?



You guys fucking suck, you got rid of your sex, what’s the point? Assshole

we have been busy. sorry we have lives too


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