So im 15 and i have a goal to not lose my virginity till im 22 but kinda recently alot guys have been telling me that even though i dont want to lose my virginity i should do other stuff like getting ate out or getting fingered so my question is. Will doing other things make me want to have sex even more? Will it help keep my goal or wanna break it even more? I really dont want to tease myself then end up doing something more and be dissapointed in myself.

yeah well i think if you’re satsified enough and can orgasm, then you will be okay. you need self-control maybe.

~nicole :)

Ok so my girlfriend and I (I being a guy) our one year anniversary is coming up and I want to make things special for her. We have sex and it’s all hot and amazing. I’ve read your tips and I try to spend enough time on foreplay, get her more than just wet but highly excited as well. But whenever we get into it she doesn’t orgasm. I try to stimulate her as much as possible and I asked her about it but she says she doesn’t even orgasm by herself when she masturbates. How can I get her over the edge and exceptionally satisfied? Please help.

don’t worry about it, she is already satisfied enough. you could try missionary position where your dick rubs her clit easily but honestly, she’s happy if you’re happy. you can try to finger her more and maybe eat her out! 

~nicole :)

p.s. i enjoy doggy position the most.

okay soo I’m gonna be having “sex” with my girlfriend tomorrow and I need too know if durex condoms are safe and won’t be able to leak or break easily cause I don’t wanna cum inside her or I’m fucked.. please help. and also I’m kinda nervous but like whats the easiest way too get her comfortable for me too start undressing her?

Not all condoms are reliable, once again. Condoms always have a chance of breaking. Durex condoms are okay, you just have to check and besides there is always the morning after pill. Everything will come naturally, don’t worry about it.

Sorry, I just felt the need to click on your page for some reason, but 8th grade….? Are you sure?


Me and my partner have been having sex for a few months now, and she wont try anything but missionary, but I feel like I can’t please her whenever we do it. I dont think size is an issue, but more so technique, i dont know what movement to do to make it amazing for her, do we need more foreplay or what? :-( HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

You need a lot more foreplay then. The hornier she gets the more she’ll listen to you. The next best position to start with is her on top and have her go on a ride on your dick


how do turn a girl on? any tips? does it feel bad for a girl when I finger her while she is on her period? does it hurt or is it just uncomfortable? marry christmas!

Sorry for the late reply, and Merry Christmas to you as well! In order to turn a girl on, you must give lots of foreplay. Tease her and make her want it. I love it when guys grab my boobs and play with them and suck/lick them, that probably turns me on the most. 

It depends whether or not it feels bad for a girl who is being fingered on her period. Some do get really sensitive and some says it feels even better. So check out your girl.


Female. My boyfriend really wants a lap dance and I am too embaressed to give one because I don’t really know how to. At all. Any advice on how to give an amazing lap dance?(: thanks!

Before You Start… 
Choose your song — something slow but sexy (think anything by Kings of Leon) will do the trick. And don’t feel obligated to make your lap dance last an entire song. Usually 60-90 seconds is all you need (and all he can take before he bursts through his pants). Then put a chair against the wall — you’ll need to use the wall for support — and have your guy sit in it so that his legs are spread open. You’ll want to stay within that triangle-shaped space between his thighs as you try these moves:

The Sexy Lean
Stand between his legs and lean you upper body forward, with your back arched and your butt up in the air, so he gets a hot view of your body. Put your hands on the wall above him, or rest them on the arms of the chair for support. Then tease him by inching your girls closer and closer to his face — but don’t let him touch — or dip forward even further and rub them against his chest.

The Lotion
For this one, start a little further back, right between his knees, so he can see everything you’re doing. Take your hands and slowly start to rub your boobs, like you’re putting on body lotion. Touch yourself like you would want him to touch you — trail your hands down to your lower abs just above your hot spot, work your way back up to your chest, or turn around and massage your butt. The key is to go in slow mo, so he can imagine having his hands all over you.

The Hip-notizer

Your hottest seduction tool is your hips, and this move is super easy to master. Slowly start swaying your hips from side to side, and then move them in a figure eight. Up the ante by touching yourself as you do it — this is a prime time to show off your “lotion” skills.

The Cowgirl 

 Turn around and hover your butt just above his crotch (you can put your hands on his thighs or the arms of the chair for balance). Move your butt in circles, like you’re painting his package with your cheeks. Then switch to an up and down motion, like you’re riding him in reverse cowgirl. To really make him pitch a tent, look back at him as you grind against his body.

or try watching youtube videos! 


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