Anonymous said: I want to have sex but I'm scared that even if I use a condom I'll get pregnant. I've heard of condoms breaking and slipping off.

well, i’ve been having sex for years in my life and a condom has only broken once out of the 1000000 times i had sex. and i took plan B after that! if anything, you can go on birth control.


This is more like a comment and a question about one of your comments. (And please post this anonymously, thanks.) I noticed your comments about different condoms, and your “advice” to women to not be the one to buy condoms but to let the guy be the one to buy them instead. But what if you are a woman who is also HIGHLY allergic to latex, and you just want to make sure that you are “completely safe” anytime you are actually intimate w/a guy? Would you consider it wrong for a woman in that situation to say to a guy “I’ve already got condoms, and here’s why”? Or do you think that guys in general would feel that it’s ok for a woman in this situation to be the one to “be prepared,” and they wouldn’t be offended if the woman already had her own condoms?

nah it’s totally chill if a woman prepared her own condoms. i like how she’s watching out for her safety, turns me on


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okay soo I’m gonna be having “sex” with my girlfriend tomorrow and I need too know if durex condoms are safe and won’t be able to leak or break easily cause I don’t wanna cum inside her or I’m fucked.. please help. and also I’m kinda nervous but like whats the easiest way too get her comfortable for me too start undressing her?

Not all condoms are reliable, once again. Condoms always have a chance of breaking. Durex condoms are okay, you just have to check and besides there is always the morning after pill. Everything will come naturally, don’t worry about it.

Sorry, I just felt the need to click on your page for some reason, but 8th grade….? Are you sure?


Anonymous said: hi guys. my boyfriend and i have had sex about 9 times, and then once we didnt use a condom. he didnt cum inside of me but he got extremely worried about pre-cum and it was a huge ordeal. it was scary, but its been almost 7 months since it happened and he wont have sex with me. he wont even touch me. i give him blowjobs on a regular basis, but the longer it gets the more unattractive i feel and the more self conscious i get. what should i do? we've talked about it, but im getting impatient.

tell him you guys should always use a condom and that safe sex is important to you. or you could try to seduce him with your blowjobs, making him want more.

~nicole :)

Anonymous said: what is the best condom to use? because the condoms my boyfriend has been using limit almost all feel ):

try trojan? fire and ice


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Anonymous said: Okay I've never seen a question about this. But me and my boyfriend were about to have sex for the first time with eachother. Even though we're both not virgins. But he got limp dick after he put on the condom and couldn't fully harden enough for us to have sex. Is that normal or is it my fault? Should I put on the condom for him?

condoms come in sizes. maybe what you are using is too small, which is both painful and reduces blood circulation. if he’s big, try purchasing the larger sizes.


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So, my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time but it didn’t last too long because he tends to pre-cum quite a few times before actually cumming. It filled the condom a bit, We got paranoid and stopped. Is there any way to lower the times/or amount of pre-cum that happens (either by foreplay or something) so we can enjoy sex without worry?

sleeping pills can reduce it, there are other pills out there as well. however, there are usually side effects to those pills, so i suggest you try a spermidical condom (which kills his sperm) so you won’t be as worried. good luck!

~nicole :)

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IT DOES matter still even if you did not cum inside of her.

There is a thing called pre-cum. Even if you pulled out there is ALWAYS a possibility.


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