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okay soo I’m gonna be having “sex” with my girlfriend tomorrow and I need too know if durex condoms are safe and won’t be able to leak or break easily cause I don’t wanna cum inside her or I’m fucked.. please help. and also I’m kinda nervous but like whats the easiest way too get her comfortable for me too start undressing her?

Not all condoms are reliable, once again. Condoms always have a chance of breaking. Durex condoms are okay, you just have to check and besides there is always the morning after pill. Everything will come naturally, don’t worry about it.

Sorry, I just felt the need to click on your page for some reason, but 8th grade….? Are you sure?


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How much the waxing is important? I always have this fear to do something more hot with my bf because of this. I’m Brazilian and it’s ironic that I don’t do Brazilian waxing because hurts like hell. I did once.

Depends on how your guy wants it. Some guys don’t care, some do. Ask your guy!


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Anonymous said: i just heard that if the girl doesnt pee after sex she could get a bladder infection? true or false



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