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hope everyone’s having a nice day :)

Anonymous said: My boyfriend is amazing, and his penis is giant, he lost his verginity to me and the sex is always so hot, but its starting to get rutine. Its starting to turn into the same thing every time, I don't mean to complain, because the sex is great, but could i get tips on how to spice things up? other then trying new positions


1. Pretend you just met him
"When our sex life started to slow down, I started thinking about how another woman would see my husband if she just met him — and this made me want to impress him. I did things like buying new lingerie, getting up just a little earlier than usual to join him in the shower or making time to play later in the tub. We totally rediscovered each other’s sexiness after that.”

2. Tease each other
"Sometimes, when my husband and I wake up and hear the kids, we start kissing and caressing anyway. Of course we don’t continue, but we get all worked up and then go all day stealing little looks and kisses. Sure, we could duck away and end the torture, but I think that secretly, we both enjoy this little dance. It definitely keeps things exciting!"

3. Act on your moods
"My problem was that even if I was in the mood when my husband was at work, by the time he got home I’d be too exhausted. It started to get so frustrating! Then, I figured out a plan. Every time I get in the mood during the middle of the day, I put a blindfold or something suggestive under his pillow. Even though I may be too tired to initiate sex later, he finds my little clue and definitely gets the message.”

4. Get high-tech
"I’ve started emailing my husband sexy fantasy scenarios on his personal email account. This really helps me to get brave. Because sometimes, I just feel silly showing him my sexual side when we’re face-to- face. Plus, getting his mind going like that has certainly has paid off.”

5. Rent an “adult” video
"There are so many helpful sex videos available that are not intimidating at all. The one I like is narrated by a sex therapist; it’s instructional in nature. You learn how to effectively stimulate someone, but on a really nonthreatening level.”

6. Take real life and shove it
"My husband and I were always too busy for love. Finally, one night we were getting serious about fooling around and what happened? The phone rang! Even though he picked it up, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and kept right on kissing him, all over. I loved that power, and he went wild too — when he finally got off the phone."

7. Be at each other’s mercy
"Once I whispered in my significant other’s ear to take hold of my hand. Then I told him I was going to close my eyes and he had to place my hand anywhere on his body. Then I massaged whatever area it was. He was kind of in control, but ultimately I controlled the pleasure."

8. Surprise him — and yourself!
"I flashed my husband when he got home from work last night. Enough said, right?"

9. Heat up the outdoors
"We like to pack a picnic and head to our favorite secluded spot. Sometimes we even get to go skinny dipping there. When you try it don’t forget a blanket or sleeping bag, pillows and bug spray because you’re sure in for a long night! Of course, city dwellers can picnic too. Just create a hideaway spot on your bedroom floor!"

10. Be aggressive
"Telling my husband what to do in bed is very erotic. Although I wouldn’t want a puppy dog for a husband all the time, it is so much fun to say what I want, when and how. Then there is seeing his response! He might get even more turned on than me.”

11. Share (racy) compliments
"Once my husband and I were going to fool around in front of a mirror. He stood behind me and slowly undressed me. But as he moved along he told me how beautiful each part of my body is. Let me tell you, I didn’t mind a bit. Compliments are a wonderful way to heat up any situation. The next time we made love I gave him a few of my own!"

12. Do a little dance
"I know that lots of women feel comfortable doing a striptease, but I’m way too shy to try it. I have my own version of one. I just dance for my fiancé, making him want to touch me, but never let him. After I’ve taken off just a few items of clothing, I let him do the rest! It’s all at my speed, and he loves it! In the end, we’re both very happy."

13. Go to a “toy store” together.
"My husband and I had planned a real date, just the two of us. We dressed up and hit the town. After dinner, I was sure the night was finished, but he had a detour planned. We pulled right into a sex store! I think if he gave me time to think about it, I’d have chickened out. But instead, we walked through the whole store — and it was very exciting! I think that I even managed to control the blushing until we left."

14. Slip into something more comfortable
"One night, after my boyfriend and I went out dancing, he offered to get take-out and bring it back to my place. While he was gone, I decided to make the room — and myself — more ‘comfortable.’ This meant lighting candles, putting on a long satin nightgown, and spraying room freshener. I didn’t plan on taking it further, but when he walked in with the food, I saw his eyes jump. So I decided to walk over to him seductively. I pressed my body up to his, and whispered into his ear, ‘I have wanted you so badly all night.’ That’s when his mouth hit the floor, along with the food!"

15. Spend intimate time together
"Read a chapter of a book together every night. You can eat grapes, drink wine, even incorporate adult toys or choose to read erotic literature to each other. But for my husband and me, this is all about making an effort to touch, cuddle and spend intimate time together. That leads to an exciting evening no matter what!"

16. Appeal to all his senses
"I have been known to put cinnamon on a cookie sheet, turn the oven on and leave the door open a bit. This fills the house with the smell of chocolate chip cookies and puts my husband in a really good mood. 350 degrees usually does the trick!"

17. Get — and give — sneak previews
"What I like best is when my boyfriend and I describe what we’re about to do to each other before doing it. As he talks, I can practically feel what will happen to my body. Talk about a double whammy. When he finally does it, I go through the roof! "

18. Make a bedroom rule ”There is one standing ‘rule’ in our bedroom. We are not allowed to use the same position more than once in a week. Of course we break the rule, but not often, and it generally keeps us from getting into a boring sexual routine.”

19. Make a game of it
"I challenge my boyfriend to a game of basketball when things get dull. Whoever wins gets whatever he or she wants. Plus, you could make it a full body contact sport.”

20. End boredom with a routine
"We always celebrate the new year with sex! We’ve tried to time our orgasms so they both strike right at midnight, but haven’t been able to yet. The good news is that we just get to keep trying next year!


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Anonymous said: The best way to give an oral to a man.-boy


Some Guidelines

  • Don’t allow your teeth to touch the penis.
  • Keep in mind that fellatio is for his pleasure, so concentrate on his reactions while performing.
  • Learn to take it all the way down.
  • Make occasional eye contact.
  • Lightly stroke it with one hand while performing.
  • You should also use a lot of tongue and gently play with his testicles. 

Other Answers:

  • First, kiss your way down his body slowly, avoiding his penis. Kiss on his upper thighs and then just kiss on the tip. Open your mouth and put the tip in, then lightly suck and kiss up and down on his stem. Listen to his moans and possibly his requests and just do whatever feels good for both of you. Sometimes, you can even use your mouth on his testicles and rub them. Not all guys like that though. You can also try playing with his nipples or other erogenous zones. Have fun!
  • Start at the base and slowly move your tongue up to the tip. Then when you reach the tip deep throat the penis by putting the whole thing in your mouth. Remember to breath through your nose. Repeat a couple of times changing up the speed.
  • This is so easy. First you use your hand to go up and down and to get the penis hard. Then you put it in your mouth making sure your teeth don’t touch the penis because that will hurt him. Then, go up and down with your mouth and hands. While doing that use your tongue to make it more wet and for more enjoyment for your partner suck his testicles too. Have fun.
  • Start by finding a gentleman to whom you feel comfortable with. Have a few drinks and maybe a couple of dates. Typically on the 3rd date you would perform the glorious act of fellatio. 
  • You could subtly suggest oral sex by licking your lips a lot or sucking gently on your finger. You may also find pressing your tongue against the inside of your cheek gives the right image. (Don’t combine the three though, this is a no no).
  • A common technique of fellatio is to take the glans of the erect penis in the mouth while rhythmically caressing the shaft of the penis with the hands.
  • The foreskin may also be rolled forward or back, with stimulation of the lips and tongue on the outside or the inner membrane.
  • The sensitive frenulum can be stimulated with the tongue, as can the testes. Suction is often used to increase the pressure and friction exerted on the penis. As the performance of fellatio progresses, the receiver may contribute pre-ejaculatory fluid to the saliva of the giver, resulting in a more lubricated penis and enhanced erotic experience. Depending on the preference of the participants, this stimulation may produce an orgasm and ejaculation of semen, or may just be used as a precursor to sexual intercourse (see foreplay). If the semen is accepted into the mouth it may or may not be swallowed (hence the slang phrase, spit or swallow).
  • Certain factors, particularly diet, may adversely affect the taste of semen; while other factors may improve its flavor.
  • If the person performing fellatio is averse to receiving semen in their mouth, they can shift stimulation from mouth to hand once the receiver’s orgasm is imminent. An infrequent side effect of ejaculating into the mouth is that the semen may be gagged upon.
  • While the use of the mouth to stimulate the penis, especially the glans, is a central feature of fellatio, often the partner simultaneously stimulates the shaft of the penis with his or her hand to provide the receiver with the feeling of the penis being enclosed.
  • Another technique is to have the penis head go in and out of the mouth very quickly (without going down to the shaft). Also, some men find it another extra pleasure if the giver runs the tips of their fingernails on his erect shaft at the same time they are using their mouth, they say it offers a “tickling sensation.” 
  • Sometimes, you can even “tea bag” the testes of your partner. Meaning, to place the sack into your own mouth. They will surely become aroused, if not erect.
  • One technique involves repressing the gag reflex and taking the entire erect penis in the mouth, the shaft bending slightly to allow the head of the penis to slide partially down the throat of the person fellating. A deep throat session may even go ‘balls-deep’, a colloquial expression denoting that the provider of fellatio has fit the entire penis in their mouth, with deeper engorgement prevented only by the girth of the testicles (which some advanced practitioners of deep throating are actually able to lick while the penis is inside the mouth).
  • You start by stroking, or licking it. This makes it stiff, or hard. Then you take it in your mouth slowly, and work up and down the shaft. Your partner can tell you if it feels better to go slow or fast, or if rubbing his balls, makes it more pleasurable. You continue to work him in and out of your mouth stopping at the head, and taking it deeper and deeper. You will learn by sounds and motions when he is near to orgasm. Use lots of tongue, and DON’T use your teeth unless he asks you to, and even then go very lightly. the further you can put it in, the better, but if you can’t fit more than the head without choking, don’t worry, you’ll just have to work a little harder.

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